Burki Scherer Panorama
Computer Generated


Visual communication and media technology

Space for projections: Burki Scherer sees itself as an expert resource in the creation, publication and realisation of pre-press and publishing services. Both print-based and digital media play a key role in this process and drive the company's innovative outlook.

Communication +

Smart conception and brainpower – creative pool for communication and design, for the development of classic advertising, corporate design solutions and packaging.

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3D CG + Motion Design

3D CG has taken the market by storm and is defining the cutting edge of print-based and digital media – not least for financial reasons.

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Scene and staging: Commercial photography requires everything from a passion for creative chaos during elaborate photoshoots to the quiet of total concentration for precise reference images.

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Creative retouching

Image experts: they are creators of brilliant details and exceptional interpreters of targeted image content. Complex image projects, image analyses and image processing are the supreme disciplines.

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Print and
digital publishing

Painstakingly processed, rigorously organised: advertisements, catalogues and magazines are created and reviewed for specific media and then sent out as defined in the media plan or published for tablets and smartphones.

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Media asset management
Editorial system

The enterprise media asset management system of the amazing "new generation" is enthusing marketing and production teams across all industries with completely new technology.

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Online and mobile presence – responsive web design is standard. Our specialists can also advise you on the possibilities of search engine optimised websites equipped for the future.

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